My 12-year-old begged for a puppy. We gave in. Now, she refuses to walk said puppy and there is puppy poo all over the kitchen. What should we do?

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  1. sara

    Clean up the mess, deliver the pup to foster care with a neighbour for the day, then, when your daughter notices the dog is missing, have the following conversation:
    Welcome to the natural consequences!
    Try the S.L.A.P. method for solving conflict with your tween:
    STOP! Try not to lecture or lay in to her. Breathe, speak calmly, be quiet.
    Listen! Direct the conversation to help her understand her feelings around the huge responsibilities of having a dog.
    Ask! Ask what you can do to support her (emotionally!) around this difficult task.
    Practice! Practice disengaging from the power struggle. Set a limit on how much of this behaviour you are able to or willing to tolerate, and be prepared to follow through if the neglect continues.


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