My teen shouts at me in response to everything. How can I get him to speak more respectfully?

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  1. sara

    You know what doesn’t work? I’ll tell you. Shouting back at him “STOP SHOUTING AT ME.” Yeah, that’s less than ideal.
    First, unacceptable behaviour is just that — unacceptable. Address the behaviour by using a non-aggressive technique.
    Using our S.L.A.P. method strategy, first STOP your own reaction to being shouted at. When you’re calm,
    say, “when you shout at me, I feel hurt.”
    Many teens feel agitated for reasons they do not understand and lash out for undetectable, unpredictable reasons. Once you’ve addressed the behaviour, help your teen understand his own emotions. LISTEN to your son talk through some of what happens in his life outside of your home. Help him feel understood by ASKING questions, clarifying the response. The end result will be different if your reaction to the shouting changes. So PRACTICE not reacting. Say how you feel, ask him to try to speak more respectfully.


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